100 Monster Escape Room

100 Monster Escape Room

There are so many surprises when competing online against opponents in the 100 Monster Escape Room virtual environment. Compete against time and skillfully navigate a variety of mazes and riddles. Escape from scary beasts while racing. Discover the room's secrets. Solve a series of perplexing riddles, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies hiding in the shadows.

How to play

  • Organize your party: Form a group of brave explorers that are willing to tackle the same challenges. Each team member contributes talents that will be useful in coordinating and solving difficulties.
  • Entering the room: Evaluate the situation and devise a swift escape plan. You have limited time to delay. Locate the exit fast and precisely.
  • Solve difficult riddles: Explore the space, looking for hints concealed in the surroundings. To progress through the room, solve puzzles, decipher codes, and uncover mysteries.
  • Overcome hurdles and challenges: Put your problem-solving and creative talents to the test. Work with your team to develop answers and overcome any obstacle that occurs.
  • Evade creatures: Beware of hundreds of monsters lurking in the darkness, waiting to pounce on your hapless victims. Escape with stealth, ingenuity, and fast thinking.
  • Make your escape: As time passes, move through the maze of puzzles and obstacles. Put the final clues together, overcome the final obstacle, and make your escape.

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