2 Player Head Basketball

2 Player Head Basketball

Get acquainted with the complex and diverse rules of the sport of basketball with 2 Player Head Basketball. Dribble and head the ball to score goals. Choose your favorite player and score as many goals as possible. Your ability will be shown immediately in the competition. Lead players flexibly and strategically for each attack and defense. With this change in gameplay, players can try out a new aspect of the game as well as set up their character's appearance. Heading is also a common skill in the familiar sport of soccer. However, it is cleverly integrated into the gameplay of the game, making it impressive and new.

How to play

The two-player genre always offers appropriate choices for players. Easily choose opponents to perform interesting challenges. After the signal to start the match, both will use their head basketball skills to put the ball into the opponent's basket. Each time you successfully put the ball into the basket, you will score one point. After the competition ends, the person who scores more points will win and receive a ticket to the next round.

  • Player 1: Use the WASD key to move and press the spacebar to jump.
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move and let the character jump when pressing the P key.

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