When two components are brought together, a third product is produced in Alchemy. Experiment to find out about all of them!

In terms of logic:

1. Each constituent can be understood either in a literal or a figurative sense, depending on the context. For instance, "water" can stand for either water or a fluidity quality at the same time.

2. The role of magic in the game plays a significant and significant role. The reasoning is founded on the concepts developed by actual alchemists in medieval Europe (and supplemented by the authors).

3. It is possible to make a phoenix, but not a lawn mower! The majority of high-tech things, if not all of them, cannot be fabricated.

To determine whether or not the two components interact, you can test this by dragging one over the other and letting go of it. In the event that you run into any issues, you always have the option of using the hint for advertising. It is also possible to remove any open item from the inventory by simply clicking on the object that you wish to remove. The recipe book compiles and lists all active recipes, including any bonus ones that may be unlocked.

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