Archery Master

Archery Master

Archery Master is ready to immerse you in the realistic and exciting world of archery with its colorful 3D simulator. Learn the techniques and rules of the popular archery game. Play as an aspiring archer who wants to demonstrate his abilities in the incredibly challenging sport. Using pinpoint accuracy, shoot arrows at the target to move on to the next level. The difficulties increase as you advance, putting your ability to retain attention and control to the test.

How to play


The game's outstanding 3D graphics from a first-person perspective create a realistic setting. Stretch the bowstring with moderate effort and aim directly at the target, regardless of distance. When performing training activities, put the techniques you've learned to the test. Stretch the bowstring and click to shoot.

Tips and tricks

The game requires a great deal of precision. Requires technical observation and aim skills. The target is always directly in front of you, but a solid hit is all that is required to complete the level. Each archery shot's power must be appropriate in order to increase its success rate.

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