Asian Cup Soccer

Asian Cup Soccer

Asian Cup Soccer brings you closer to your football dream when you join your teammates to compete in the AFC Cup. Overcome the defensive barrier and kick the ball into the opponent's goal. Fool the goalkeeper to successfully score points for your team. Win through the qualifying round, progress to the finals, and reach the championship trophy. Demonstrates accurate shooting skills and a good ability to stay focused and calm. Don't let pressure destroy your goals.

Realistic simulation gameplay

The game brings realistic competition to this exciting online game. You need to face the same nervous moment when you are the one taking the decisive kick. Success will give the team a higher chance of winning. Execute strategically to both overcome the defensive line and overcome the goalkeeper's defense. The angle of the shot is important because the opponent is also observing the player's actions.

Outstanding features

  • The game keeps true to the rules of real football, bringing the best experience to players.
  • The simulated stadium graphics are truly accurate to the standard dimensions of the actual stadium.
  • The character's movements are flexible and easy to control when making shots.

How to play

Drag the mouse and move the ball into position to take a shot. Should create a good range of angle and strength when the player shoots the ball into the goal.

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