Basketball 2024

Basketball 2024

Many time-tested levels of realistic basketball simulation are ready for players in Basketball 2024. Is 30 seconds too long to successfully complete the goal of collecting the throne? Move and throw the ball into the basket. Obstacles are both a challenge and an advantage for you. You can borrow the help of obstacles to create momentum for the ball to go straight into the basket post. Successfully throw it into the basket and receive the key to open the next door. There are really many surprises designed and waiting for fans to discover a lot.

Outstanding features

The game opens up many levels with gradually increasing difficulty for players to promptly get used to and adapt well.The 3D background colors have diverse combinations that are easily distracting, and the points contribute to increasing the challenge.In the process of putting the ball into the basket, collect more stars to increase bonus points when completing the task.

How to play

Take the ball through the obstacles and straight to the successful basket position. Drag and click to get the ball to have the right trajectory. Concentrate and discover strategies for each dribble. 30 seconds is really fast, so accuracy is required for each shot into the basket.

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