Basketball Beans Game

Basketball Beans Game

Basketball Beans Game offers an exciting simulated basketball match between two teams competing online. Run quickly and grab the ball to advance towards the opponent's field, and successfully throw the ball into the basket to score points. Compete against random opponents in exciting matches with the excitement of playing with Beans players.

Realistic basketball simulation

The game allows players to experience the feeling of competing on a stimulating, realistic basketball court. Accompany teammates to defend the goal and steal the ball to attack the opposing team. Gain control of the ball to have a better chance of scoring a goal. Run quickly when you steal the ball to advance to the opponent's field. There is time for each round, so if you want to win, you definitely need to score more goals.

Outstanding features

  • The characters move really flexibly, providing the best experience while playing.
  • You can steal the ball to gain an advantage when competing against your opponent.
  • The opposing teams all performed exciting random online matches.

How to play

Move the character according to the instructions on the screen to flexibly perform actions.

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