Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever

Experience the NBA fever and enjoy the thrill of dunking the ball in the exciting 3D environment of Basketball Fever. Perform the extremely simple task of making consecutive shots into the basket amidst a beautiful stadium setting. If the ball fails to hit the basket just once, the mission will definitely fail. How many achievements can you get for this dynamic, increasing difficulty challenge? Play and start throwing right away. 

Outstanding features

  • After each ball enters the basket correctly, make consecutive shots.
  • The difficulty level increases, and the basket pole changes position flexibly.
  • The gameplay is simple, but quick reflexes and accurate throwing skills are required to collect stars and successfully put the ball into the basket.

How to play

The game is ideal for practicing good shooting skills. The change in shooting position allows the player to grasp the art of playing good, realistic basketball. Drag your mouse to move the ball to the basket post in the desired direction.

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