Basketball Run Shots

Basketball Run Shots

Basketball Run Shots is an addictive, endless basketball game where you tap the ball to make it jump and fall into a higher basket. Each touch requires high precision to successfully put the ball into the basket. There will be a change in the position and direction of the baskets. Players can easily practice the skill of accurately throwing the ball into the basket at any position.

Addictive arcade gameplay

The game has a simple design but offers an interesting challenge. Simply aim to throw the ball accurately at the next basket location. Easily adjust the direction and curvature of the ball's movement. Don't let the ball fall out, or the mission will definitely fail.

Outstanding features

  • The game is based on throwing the ball into the basket to score accurately.
  • Practice throwing skills in many different positions with flexible distances.
  • Experience increased difficulty as the pitching missions progress further.

How to play

Drag and drop the mouse to position the ball so it can move easily. Make graceful throws to get a high score.

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