Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a basketball game for two players that was developed by MadPuffers. Participate in the difficult competition and compete for the title of champion by selecting the team that best represents you. Dunk like a pro and take the lead in this basketball game by exercising command over your team. You are free to block shots and knock out your opponent in order to get the ball, but you should also keep an eye on the supershot bar at the top of the screen because once it is fully loaded, you will be able to use the hot special ball regardless of where you are on the court. This will be a great shot that will help you score the score that will determine who wins the match. Enjoy the thrilling game of Basketball Star while you compete to be the best player on the court.

  • Arrows = move / jump
  • Arrow down = block / pump
  • X = steal / shoot
  • Z = supershot
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