4.33 opens an exciting online basketball competition to compete for the title of best player for the NBA season. It is really exciting to participate in this breathtaking match. Win with brilliant dribbling and accurate throwing skills. Lead your opponent's points and maintain the distance until each round ends. By maintaining such form, the championship is definitely within reach. Defend your goal and steal the ball to create a better chance of scoring each time.

Attractive competitive gameplay

Competing randomly against online opponents is really fun. It will be difficult for you to predict your opponent's actions. Attack aggressively to create opportunities to steal the ball and advance to the opponent's goal. Only if you are ahead in points will you have a higher chance of success in competing for the championship. Coordinate well with teammates to bring a comprehensive victory. Face a variety of opposing teams with different levels of strength.

How to play

Use the mouse to make the character move, run to different locations, and successfully steal the ball. Make dunks to win points for each goal.‚Äč

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