Bridge Race

Bridge Race

Bridge Race is an entertaining, addicting bridge and staircase-building platform game with numerous fascinating strategic challenges. Control a character who runs and picks up blocks to build his own staircase and reach the stage's finish line. Not only do they collect them swiftly, but they also keep enemies from straying on your staircase. Join a competitive race against other players. Watch out for your opponents behind you; they are also looking for an opportunity to steal your block!

How to play

Use your mouse to move your character and swiftly collect colored blocks. Observe the color placement of the blocks and quickly collect those that match the character's color. The more colored bricks you have, the longer the bridge you can construct. Defeat foes, traverse bridges, and get to the finish line before everyone else.

Tips and tricks

Keep a watch out for opponents carrying large amounts of colored blocks; they pose a hazard because they can steal your collection! Create a smart bridge-building plan; you don't always have to proceed in a straight line. Sometimes taking a detour is a better option

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