Cookies Must Die Online

Cookies Must Die Online

Play Cookies Must Die Online, a great adventure game with lots of action, and have fun. You can play this online game where you help the brave Jack defeat the sinister cookie mutants who have taken over the city. Use your wits and talents to your advantage to crush your enemies, dodge their attacks, and defeat tough monsters! Top-secret government agent Jack has had his body changed by doctors to give him unique skills. He seizes the most potent weapon and rushes headlong into combat! the start of a thrilling and intense war When you enter this region, you will run with deadly jellies, angry biscuits, ominous chocolates, and a slew of other sweet but deadly characters.

PC controls: Use the mouse to aim and push the character to destroy the cookies.
Mobile and tablet controls: Touch the screen to aim and boost the character to destroy the cookies.


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