Crazy BasketBall Machine

Crazy BasketBall Machine

The Crazy BasketBall Machine simulates realistic basketball physics with precise throwing skills after each shot. Become a legendary superstar in a famous sport. Experience the feeling of crazy basketball shooting with this action-packed game. Enjoy the exhilarating joy of successfully scoring points for each throw. There will be more and more challenges, so in the future, face them well. Don't let obstacles hinder your journey to conquer this skill game. The higher your score, the more stable your skills and concentration are. Throw the ball in a variety of positions and distances for good practice. Only when you practice a lot will you easily succeed with an absolute 100% success rate.

How to play

With beautiful graphics and flexible variety in throwing positions, the game is really attractive. It is easy to practice regularly with a focused skill. Through this training process, you can train your observation skills, concentration, and basketball shooting skills. Drag the mouse to move the ball to the throwing position. Create an appropriate movement amplitude for the ball to maximize the success rate.

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