Crazy Shoots

Crazy Shoots

Crazy Shoots is a fun and fast-paced game of successfully navigating the ball into the goal and completing the mission. The ball moves from all directions in accordance with the turf design. Prevent the ball from flying out, and create a successful dribble straight into the goal. Many levels with different playground shapes are ready to explore. Can you easily succeed with just one attempt? Practice a lot, and practice your unique skills and exclusive playing strategies. Each successful move for the ball to kick will receive a different number of points. Find the shortest route and get a high score when taking on challenges.

How to play

The design of the football field is really large and has many surprising elements as you get deeper into the round. Advanced challenges that maximize the player's abilities. You can easily find methods to achieve high scores and an absolute success rate. Move the mouse to put the ball into the opponent's goal.

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