Cricket World Cup Game

Cricket World Cup Game

Cricket World Cup Game takes you on an exciting journey to reach the most prestigious cup of cricket. Accompany your teammates and win through intense matches straight to the finals. Two competition modes open up effective training for players: 'quick match', and 'tournament'. Choose your country and start this competitive competition right away. 

How to play

Tips to play

The game gives you a better understanding of the rules of the sport of cricket. Besides, learn the correct ball-striking postures in actual competition. Observe and react quickly to make accurate shots. Time and concentration are important factors contributing to success. Short blocks block the opponent's ball and gain valuable points for your team. Challenge your strategic thinking and feel the thrill on the field.


Click to make each shot. You should choose the appropriate time and distance to create an accurate shot. Each time your team successfully blocks the ball, it will receive points. I wish your team luck and great success.

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