Darts King

Darts King

You can win Darts King tasks and show off your great darts skills as you move through tournaments. The things that determine success in each round are accuracy and skill. Play darts against other people in exciting matches.

Fun skill-based games

Getting as many points as you can is the aim of the game. The first person to do it wins, but be careful! If you go over the score, you have to start over! If the scores are tied in the same round, the game goes to extra time. The winner is the player who hits the most "bullseye" shots, which are shots that land right in the middle.

How to play

Look around and figure out where the goal is for throwing darts. Complete the goal score with as few throws as possible.

In charge

Every round, you can throw three darts at the dart board. Aim the dart with your mouse or touchscreen. But watch out-you only have 30 seconds to throw!

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