Dive Masters

Dive Masters

Enter the realm of Dive Masters and exhibit excellent swimming moves that meet real-world standards. Stretch your muscles and jump right into the refreshing water! In this game, all you have to think about is your jumps and how you position your body in free fall. The goal here is to avoid falling backwards or slipping when jumping into the water. Show off your best tricks and become a master. Dive into as much clear water as possible to practice your finest pike jump. Dive Masters tests all of your jumping and diving abilities while providing a true summer experience.

How to play

Simply left-click and hold until you discover the optimal location and direction to free fall. When you're ready, release the left mouse to see your character finish the fall. If you have a good fall, you will ascend higher on the platform until you can progress to the next level. Explore a wide choice of dive destinations, including castles, cliffs, hot air balloons, and waterfalls. Unlock characters with additional unique abilities.

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