Dunk Jumps

Dunk Jumps

In Dunk Jumps, you face an exciting challenge, dribbling the ball through a maze of spiked walls, where one wrong move can lead to failure. ​Sharp walls loom on either side, daring you to make mistakes. Your task is to control the movement of the ball and make sure it jumps correctly to avoid collisions with the spikes. There are stars that appear so they can be collected.

Precision is key

The game requires extreme concentration, sharp reflexes and perfect timing to get the ball through spiked walls. Each jump must be performed carefully, as one wrong step can cause disaster. You must carefully evaluate the trajectory of the ball, predicting the movement of the spikes. Only the most skilled and agile players can win.

How to play

Dunk Jumps offers a uniquely fun experience that will appeal to players of all skill levels. Simply click to the sides to make the ball flexibly change direction to avoid spikes.

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