Endless Car Football Game

Endless Car Football Game

2-player game challenges are increasingly diverse when combined with the racing genre to increase the level of competition with Endless Car Football Game. Rely on your control skills with precision and speed to attack your opponent's goal powerfully. Defend well with your goals and score a lot of points against your opponents. Compete with your opponents on the field and score as many goals as possible. Plan a strategy to successfully break down your opponent's defense and create a position to attack the opponent's net for each shot.

Salient features

Car control is essential for victory in a game that uses a car to control the ball. Needs proficiency to move flexibly to positions on the field. The stadium is designed to meet soccer standards. Practice to reveal your full talent in this exciting online competition.

Strategic action: This is the strong and secret weapon of almost every team. The movement, deception, and dribbling are varied so as not to give the opponent time to react. Successfully dribble the ball towards the opponent's goal to make accurate shots. Leading by points will create an advantage to win the match.

How to play

Competition modes and forms are easy for players to choose from. Simple, intuitive controls bring excitement to the game.

  • Player 1: Control actions and movements with WASD keys.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys for moving and taking shots.

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