Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball offers an exciting street basketball skill challenge with time pressure and more than 20 characters waiting to be unlocked. An exciting combination of the famous basketball sport and an exciting arcade game style. Shoot the ball accurately into the basket with the flexible movement of the basket pole. It is truly an exciting journey to practice professional basketball shooting skills.

Bold impressions of street basketball style

The dynamic street scene attracts players to immerse themselves in this vibrant atmosphere. Hold the ball and choose a position to throw the ball into the basket accurately. Each turn has a time limit, increasing the pressure on the player. Furthermore, after each shot, there is a change in the position of the basket post, depending on the creator's random design. However, this provides a more engaging pitching experience.

Impressive features

  • The game has a variety of different interesting characters ready for players to unlock.
  • Throw the basketball into the basket accurately, corresponding to the level's tasks.
  • Get rewards to collect keys to unlock the next challenge and new, more exciting characters.

How to play

Drag to create a pass so that the ball successfully moves straight into the basket. Under time pressure, calmness is definitely needed to maximize a player's ability. Or set a record for yourself in this fun game.

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