Fire and Water Stickman

Fire and Water Stickman

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey to thrive in the captivating realm of Fire and Water Stickman. Accompany the naughty stickmen, who love to adventure together and discover new worlds. Help them escape the forest in the safest way possible. Control fire and water to overcome obstacles, collect coins, and save teammates.

How to play

  • Move fire and water by pressing the arrows on the screen. The movement direction includes left, right, and up. Don't forget to pick up gold coins on route.
  • Move each fire and water character to save them from the forest.
  • Press the change button to change from fire to water.
  • Remember one rule: Water and fire cannot touch each other. Fire will extinguish if it falls into the lake, and water will evaporate when it comes into contact with fire.

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