Fishing 3 Online

Fishing 3 Online

Fishing 3 Online will put your ability to solve problems to the test by requiring you to solve multiple puzzles before you can save the small fish from drowning due to a lack of water, so make sure you are prepared for the challenge! You won't be able to resist playing this game thanks to its captivating aesthetics as well as its responsive and user-friendly control scheme. You not only have to discover at least one star in order to complete the level's task, but you also have to draw a path for the water to follow so that it may get to the fish that are trapped underneath the ground. Only then can you move on to the next level. Your capacity to ensure that the fish have access to an adequate supply of water in order for them to live is a critical factor in determining whether or not your mission will be successful. Have fun solving these riddles and playing this game!

PC controls: Use the mouse to select the objects

Mobile controls: Touch the screen to select the objects

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