Free Kick World Cup 2022

Free Kick World Cup 2022

Let's explore together why the Free Kick World Cup 2022 received a strong response from football fans. Game with attractive 3D realistic physics simulation gameplay. Shoot the ball at different angles. Take the simple goal of scoring a goal and reaching the required point value. 

Practice with exciting free kick mode while taking random shots. Choose your country and start conquering the match. Each round will have a limited number of shots. Practice and demonstrate your ability to accurately shoot at goal.

Attractive features

  • Active players take full control of the ball with varying shot strengths.
  • Diverse game modes enrich different forms of practice.
  • Changing the viewing angle and shooting angle in different positions brings flexibility to the player.

How to play

Get ready to dive into the world of online sports football with an exciting simulation game. Click Start and choose the appropriate competition form. Through the levels, you will have a strategy to execute each skill soccer shot.

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