Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja continues to disrupt the online gaming world with his precise fruit-cutting skills. Cutting fruit without cutting bombs is the goal to be achieved. The higher the accuracy rate, the higher the score received. Practice eye-hand coordination. Distinguish target objects quickly and create fruit cutting lines. Smash all the fruit on the screen, and don't hit the bomb. Once you make a mistake, the mission will definitely fail.

Outstanding features

  • The game brings you back to the familiarity of the classic fruit-cutting game that includes fruits and bombs.
  • Just make one swipe to successfully explode all the fruit on the screen.
  • The colorful picture is made up of many different fruits, providing a good visual effect.

How to play

Drag to create a cut every time the fruit appears. Quickly distinguish the location where the bomb appears. The time the fruit appears takes place in a short time, so you need to react quickly. Hand and eye reflexes are uniform to successfully conquer the goal.

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