Fruits Shooter Saga

Fruits Shooter Saga

It is great to have a combination of the colorful fruit world and bubble shooting gameplay in Fruits Shooter Saga. Aim for positions that match at least three fruits of the same type to make them disappear from the net. There are many diverse fruit species you may have never seen before. Explore and show off your skillful ball-matching skills. Do not let the net touch the barrier line, or the mission will fail. 

The game also has a combination of those tournament genres. You need to quickly find the exact location to match fruits of the same type to make them explode. You should focus on shooting at locations where there are many types of fruit together. Really fun strategy game for you to achieve a really high score.

How to play

Truly colorful construction graphics provide a dynamic experience. You can easily search for locations. Many regional photos take you to diverse spaces. Click and relax every day with this entertaining game.

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