GN Ninja Run

GN Ninja Run

Join the challenge with GN Ninja Run and jump over wooden bridges, collect coins, and dodge bombs. Rely on quick reactions and good intuition to go a long way. The farther the player moves, the higher the score. Accompany the Ninja character in performing actions with skilled techniques.

Bridges will appear at the start of the mission, separating each other. Do not let the character fall into the sea, or the mission will fail. In addition, you must steer clear of any falling bombs or those that appear on the bridge's surface. A quick response is the best key to going far. Enjoy the design challenges of each stage. The further you go, the difficulty becomes more and more interesting. Get ready for this new journey.

How to play

Click to make each jump correctly. Align your position when performing each jump to increase the success rate for each jump, align your position when performing it.

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