Goal Finger Football

Goal Finger Football

Welcome to the new challenge of Goal Finger Football and discover the unique gameplay of kicking the ball into the goal. Break through the defense and successfully score points. Be flexible in your shooting positions and master the art of scoring successfully. Become a master at finding the goalkeeper's gaps. Achieve high scores with success while kicking the ball.

Simple but unique gameplay

The game really brings a new perspective to the soccer challenge. The position of kicking the ball varies with distance. Successfully overcome defenses and have winning plays. Be careful not to shoot the ball in a straight line toward the goal. The open goal will have a certain time. Practice regularly and recognize opportunities to create successful shots.

Outstanding features

  • Game graphics with simple design bring realistic gameplay to the football field.
  • Flexibility in different shooting positions makes it easy for players to practice their observation and shooting skills.

How to play

Drag the mouse to move the ball to different shooting positions. Align the angle to successfully hit the ball.

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