Golf Battle

Golf Battle

Uniqueness and creativity are what you will find in interesting competitions like the famous Golf Battle. Are you ready to enjoy an exciting game of golf? Your goal is simple: get the ball into the hole with the fewest number of shots possible. The time factor further enhances the competitive spirit. In two minutes, how many times can you successfully put the ball in the hole? Calculate the strength of each shot and determine where the ball begins to move. Practice a lot and become a master of this unique golf game. The game realistically simulates the correct rules when playing golf and practicing. Competitive turf fields are all based on standard sizes to give you more exposure to this expensive subject. The limited time for each challenge provides a more stimulating competitive spirit.

How to play

Control the force for each swing of the club to hit the ball straight into the hole. The fewer times you hit the ball, the more advanced the player's skill is. Enjoy the unique 3D environment, full of tough corners and obstacles to overcome. Show off your skills as a professional golfer.

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