Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

In Gorilla Adventure, you can see the sci-fi world covered in bright lights that shimmer. Take the hammer's power in a clever way and made the gorilla jump high. The field of future technology is really amazing. Get lost in a fiction world full of secrets that haven't been revealed yet. Jump as many times as you can and have fun. Swift navigation and precisely timed bounds are critical.

Techniques and tips

It is advantageous to remember that the thrust of the sledgehammer is proportional to the distance pulled. A powerful thrust results from pulling further. Nonetheless, due to the restricted length, fulcrum alignment is critical. No need to venture too far; prioritize safety! Consequently, during their initial turn, participants ought to devote some time to familiarizing themselves with the controls.

How to play

The amplitude of the hammer's flexural motion is substantial. Generate sufficient thrust for the leap and direct the hammer forward. Performing a high leap with a left click. If the propulsion is insufficient, the character will remain immobile.

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