Herobrine vs Monster School

Herobrine vs Monster School

Mr. Bullet served as the model for the video game Herobrine vs Monster School. You play the part of Evil Herobrine, who grew upset with the Monster School students. He now punishes them with a bow in this universe of the cube. Herobrine eventually lost his cool after observing how disrespectful the Monster School students were to one another. Herobrine decimated Monster School and everything connected to it as a result using his crossbow, wooden arrows, and TnT. You'll be the leader of the angry student gang from Herobrine vs. Monster School. Killing bosses, skeletons, snails, and zombies is your current goal. Fight while laughing at the monster school's wacky music and animation!

- Tap or click to shoot a bow
- Destroy enemies with arrows to win!
- Shoot slugs to make it fall on enemies
- Shoot levers to open the doors


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