Hex Triple Match

Hex Triple Match

Hex Triple Match is an amazing new puzzle game that combines strategic puzzle difficulties with fusion experiences. Place hexagons carefully on the board to create and break matches. In this lovely, colorful universe, every color stands for something. Make strategic moves. Don't arrange the hexagons at random if you want to avoid quickly running out of room. Make the proper matching arrangement by taking into account the colors of neighboring hexagons and the available space. If you arrange them in a line or cluster, they will disappear. If you run out of space, the game ends, so move carefully.


  • A variety of colorful hexagon pieces are available to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • In the game, a variety of objects are available to improve gameplay and add new challenges.

How to play

It is up to you to arrange the pieces on the hexagon board with finesse. Interacting with the mouse is straightforward.

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