Jump Dunk

Jump Dunk

Learn how to play the unique and fun Jump Dunk game by putting the ball in the cup the right way. Pick a spot on the platform and jump on it to throw the ball and score points.There are many levels in the game, and as you go deeper into a round, the game gets harder. To make things more interesting, take on tasks with a variety of themes. All you have to do is accurately throw the ball into the cup to move on to the next level. During the play, rivals will show up. Competing with opponents will make challenging missions more interesting.


  • Every level has a different theme, and each job is different.
  • The person has to keep jumping on the spring mattress and throw the ball at the same time.
  • Use your ability to observe to figure out the throw height for each distance between the seat and the cup.

How to play

For each shot, click to make the ball go into the cup. How you stand when you throw is very important because you can do it more than once until you reach the goal. Practice to get used to and improve your ability to throw accurately.

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