King Of Sumo

King Of Sumo

Welcome to King Of Sumo, a fascinating 3D physics simulation of the traditional Japanese sport of sumo wrestling. Step by step, conquer the ring, and become the ultimate champion. Under the pressure of tough competition, unexpected secrets can undoubtedly help you stay focused. Developing tactics and quick reflexes would undoubtedly aid the character in winning. Learn the rules of genuine wrestling competition through online competition.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to direct the fighter in the ring. Determine when to launch decisive and decisive attacks. Push your opponent out of the ring, or make them touch the ground with any part of their body other than the soles of their feet.

Tips and tricks

  • Master a variety of maneuvers, such as pushing, throwing, and grappling, while remaining balanced.
  • Force alone cannot defeat some opponents; strategic planning is necessary.
  • Pay attention to the game's hint keys to uncover the secret narrative that has to be unlocked.

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