Lobotomy Dash

Lobotomy Dash

Lobotomy Dash is a game that puts the familiar Geometry Dash symbols on a fun platform, encountering a variety of elements, including memes and emojis. The gameplay revolves around controlling the cube, jumping through the chaos, and successfully overcoming obstacles. Make pixel-perfect jumps or lightning-fast reflexes.

The game has a series of brain-crushing levels with various elements. The first version of the Lobotomy Dash level was an edited version of the original ‘Stereo Madness’ level to have more engaging elements. Attractive obstacle settings to challenge the player's control skills. 


  • The game features a variety of emoticons.
  • Distinctly designed sounds accentuate each other each time another symbol appears.
  • Diverse challenges appear on the journey to improve puzzle-solving skills.

How to play

Click in combination with the arrow keys to successfully send the character to perform the mission.

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