March Madnesss

March Madnesss

The basketball sports game has never cooled down with the new challenge of March Madnesss bringing the team to the final round and winning the world tournament. Start choosing your favorite form of competition and teammates. Overcome the opponent's defense and throw the ball into the basket accurately. Win more points before the round ends. Play a lot and practice to improve how well you throw the ball into the basket. 

Diverse forms of competition

  • Tournament: Attractive duel form. You will simultaneously coordinate with your teammates to score successfully. It is necessary to choose the amplitude and height for an accurate throw. Successfully overcome the defense and bring the ball towards the basket. 
  • 60 sec. Shootout: Race against the clock and successfully throw the ball into the basket. Practice throwing skills with flexibility in throwing positions. Tense and focused confrontation to win points for your team.

How to play

The challenges are really engaging and worth doing. You can compete with opponents online and compare your skills. Continuously improve and become a winning team. Use the mouse to successfully move the ball to the basket position.

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