Melodys Adventure 2

Melodys Adventure 2

Melodys Adventure 2 offers thirty two large levels to explore. Take on Melody's platform jumping challenge, complete with her famous blonde hair and pink hat. Move through these updated environments, which are full of new challenges and surprises. Use your platforming abilities to conquer enormous landscapes, outwitting opponents along the way. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic voyage.

How to play

Your primary goal is to locate and enter the gate to escape the maze. Collect all three coins along the way to earn additional stars on each level. Even though the regulations have changed slightly this time, the adventure and other adventures are the same! You will also encounter other hazards, such as walkers, spikes, and arrows. Avoid them, and do your best to survive! Let us start the voyage.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to freely move the character between locations. Act swiftly to prevent plummeting to the ground.

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