Melon Jump

Melon Jump

Welcome to the exciting entertainment game where you accompany your character as they jump over platforms filled with obstacles in Melon Jump. Collect more small icons and increase Melon's size. Spikes appear in the play space, so avoid them. The farther you jump, the higher the score you get. One incorrect jump ensures the mission starts all over again. Be careful, and start playing now. 

How to play


Click to perform jumps upwards. Graphic design uses a dark background as the main theme. Obstacles are easy to confuse, so pay attention. The game helps you practice quick reflexes very well.

Tips to play

  • The game really builds on the gameplay of the jumping genre as the icon jumps across platforms. 
  • The icon moves flexibly from side to side to both avoid spikes and collect extra lives to increase in size. 
  • Keep an eye out and take care not to let the game's dark background effect fool you.

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