Merge Defense

Merge Defense

You have entered the game known as Merge Defense. Take out all of the approaching foes using your diamond as a weapon, then defend your stronghold. Combine weapons of the same level to increase their damage output, and produce as many different types of weaponry as you can to protect your stronghold. In addition to this, the diamonds can assist you in increasing your strength and can be used to purchase helpful equipment. If there are too many foes for you to handle and you feel helpless to eliminate them, you can use the weapons that are mentioned at the bottom of the screen in the manner that is directed; these weapons will help you improve your firepower and stop your activity. foes; nevertheless, they may only be employed for a limited length of time before needing time to recuperate. To ensure that you come out on top, devise a cunning plan. Best of luck.

You can now use the turret; however, in order to advance levels, you will need to quickly align the turrets of the same level with one another.

Simply add a turret to your arsenal by using the "Build" button in the menu.

Make use of your skills to help you overcome any challenges.

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