Merge Sesame

Merge Sesame

Merge Sesame takes you on a gaming trip that crosses age boundaries and provides infinite entertainment for all audiences! Engages gamers from all environments and skill levels. Anyone can quickly learn the basics thanks to the straightforward gaming mechanics. The goal is simply to combine the fruits and produce the desired fruit. When you reach a high score, the dynamic music will be both calming and inspiring. Allow yourselves to see how many fruits you can produce together without time limits.

Impressive features

  • The game stands out because of its various color combinations, which create a colorful and charming image.
  • Every time you graft and generate new varieties, you get thrilled about the various fruits.
  • The gameplay is based on the original 2048 value matching, but it is more appealing with a new fruit motif.

How to play

Place the fruits in different positions and begin matching.

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