You have arrived in the world of the tactical game Minesweeper! Here, you may put your skills to the test by trying to finish the campaign of progressively difficult levels, customize the game in every way, enjoy the stunning animation, and learn the fundamentals of the game if you're a new player. The object of the game is to remove every bomb or "mine" from a rectangular board without letting any of them go off. You'll need information on the number of mines present in each field to accomplish this. In the event that a tile carrying a mine is disclosed, the player loses the game. If no mines are displayed, the square is rendered blank and every square in its vicinity is recursively revealed. If no mines are found, a number is displayed in the square instead, indicating the number of adjacent squares that also have mines. Using this information to discover what is in other squares, the player can either safely unveil each tile or mark it as containing a mine. Remember that any ship can do a minesweep mission once.

To see how many mines are in the surrounding squares, click or tap on a square. A thorough tutorial is provided.

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