Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club

Welcome to a complimentary multiplayer competitive game is Mini Golf Club. Take part in this action-packed sports game against 6 other players. Compete against people across the world or just relax and have fun with your pals. In public matches, you are matched with random individuals based on the region you have chosen. Invite your friends while creating and customizing private matches. Play through a huge number of difficult levels. Watch out for challenging obstacles and take use of shortcuts. On each course, master the dynamic aspects. To get there, use speed boosters and jump zones. The majority of levels may be finished in several ways, which makes the game more replayable. Your objective is to complete the three holes in each match with the fewest number of strokes possible. The fastest player wins if you and the other players have the same score. Coins can be used to purchase cosmetics like headgear and trails after winning matches. Make your ball unique to make it stand out from other players'.

- To aim, move the mouse while holding LMB.

- Release LMB to make contact with the golf ball.

- Click to zoom in.

- To change the camera, press C.

- To turn on/off the light, press L.

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