Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer

Welcome to Mini Soccer, where you can watch your favorite players compete for the championship trophy. Choose the most exciting form of competition to enjoy the most dynamic atmosphere on the field. The fast pace of the match combined with the applause of the audience. Easily choose CPU opponents or join friends. Each match becomes more intense as it progresses. It's great to be part of the team. 

Outstanding features

  • The game is designed in the 2-player game genre, opening up diverse gameplay for players.
  • Easily find opponents when choosing a game mode to practice kicking skills.
  • Images and sounds combine to create the most intense and thrilling football matches.

How to play

In CPU combat mode, the arrow keys offer fluid movement, while the Z and X keys are utilized to strike the ball.

Enjoy mode with your friends:

  • Player 1: To move, press the arrow keys; to leap, press the up arrow key; and to strike the ball, press the Z/X key.
  • Player 2: To move and leap, press the WASD keys; to strike the ball, press the 1/2 key.

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