Offroad Truck Animal Transporter

Offroad Truck Animal Transporter

Offroad Truck Animal Transporter lets you experience the thrill of off-road driving like a professional driver. The game meticulously recreates the realistic atmosphere of forest terrain. Take on the responsibility of moving animals to various farms while traversing difficult terrain. The design of ten distinct stages will undoubtedly help you comprehend the method for piloting the car across challenging terrain. With each challenging stage, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your cargo truck control.

How to play

Display all of the professional driving talents you've mastered in driving school games. When going up or downhill, make smooth turns and maintain the appropriate pace. Reach your destination safely and avoid collisions with objects along the route. Save time by navigating the minimap and finding shorter routes.


  • You can control your truck with keyboard controls or arrow keys.
  • With the C key, adjusting visibility and observation is easier.

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