Paper Golf Master 3D

Paper Golf Master 3D

Paper Golf Master 3D provides a rules-based task in the sport of golf for players to effectively put the ball in the hole. There are many obstacles when entering deeper rounds. Each page of the book is related to a task waiting for you to complete. Obstacles exist in a number of states, both dynamic and static, to impede the movement of the ball. Only if the ball successfully passes through the hole will it move on to the next round. If you fail, you must restart from the beginning of level 1. Direct the adjustment ball to the hole position to create a straight line of movement. You can take advantage of the upper frame of the page to create a rebound when many obstacles appear.

How to play

  • Compete according to recognized golf rules, making it easy for beginners to learn the principles of the game.
  • Simple and smooth controls to control ball movement
  • Improve your abilities by completing each level and a different challenge.
  • The mouse is used to view the map on the field and move the ball.

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