Pocket League 3D

Pocket League 3D

Pocket League 3D and the intense football competition between any two countries are ready for you to unlock. Race and move flexibly to make the winning shot. Every shot opportunity requires precision to score successfully. Stay ahead of your opponents and maintain a good score until the end of the match and the victory. Establishing important tactics and skills in car control and quick reflexes to execute defense is the key to victory. Hit the gas and start your journey!

The game opens up a new world of football combined with driving skills. If you are a fan of both genres, you cannot miss it. Proficiency in controlling the direction of vehicle movement is an advantage for good defense and attack. Don't let your opponent dribble the ball towards your goal. Seize the opportunity to shoot the ball into the opponent's net. Really beautiful graphics with overwhelming effects stimulate the spirit of competition even better.

How to play

  • Control the vehicle's movement flexibly with the arrow keys or WASD.
  • Let the car perform jumping or flipping skills via the space, L, or G keys.

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