Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War

Under the game Raid Heroes: Total War, the kingdom is once more in danger. The army of the Dark Lord has descended upon the boundaries, signaling the end of the conflict!

- Assemble your most powerful hero squad.

- Research, improve, and reorg artifacts.

- Build a castle that is secure from other players in your township.

- Attack the castles of other players.

- Engage in player versus player (pvp) combat with other players' squads to compete for the victory!

- Clans ought to coordinate for Total War!

- Continue reading the story to the conclusion.

In the brand-new free castle game Raid Heroes: Total War, intense battles will give you amazing experiences. You can play like a real landlord or army leader to show off your tactical prowess. This awesome mashup of role-playing, strategy, idle hero, and autofight games is awesome! Participate in great battles yourself rather than reading about them in fiction! You want to take part in this game! Wishing you luck in your battles!

Click on the fight button to play

Deploy the hero to the right position

The position of the heroes can determine the outcome of the battle

Collect hero cards to recruit and level up new heroes

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