Roller Ball Adventure

Roller Ball Adventure

Roll, jump, and bounce your way through a hundred action-packed levels in Roller Ball Adventure. The bad guys are planning to settle a score with your planet. Your ball is saving the Earth. You'll have to use your jumping and rolling skills to make your way through a perilous factory while taking out enemies and dodging deadly lasers. Using the arrow keys, guide the bouncing ball to his goal while destroying the stars blocking its way. Move the red rolling ball by rolling, jumping, and throwing it through a mechanical wasteland. Collecting stars is the ultimate objective as you progress through the game and eliminate each harmful square. Some areas are equipped with deadly lasers that can kill you on the spot. Roll perfectly to make it through each gap.

  • Press arrow keys to play
  • Dodge traps, watch the clock. Get all the stars to enter the tranmission door and complete level
  • Contacting angel in a game can save the current progress
  • In-game gold coins can be exchanged for skins
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