Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball

Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball

You will appreciate Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball if you are a huge fan of Red Ball adventure games. Unsavory cronies want to battle it out on your world. And now the red bouncing ball is here to save the planet. This bouncing ball game includes overcoming enemies, avoiding deadly lasers, and rolling and jumping across a mysterious factory. Have you got what it takes to stop the planet from becoming a square? Use the arrow keys to move the bouncing ball to the goal at the end of the line, making careful to collect all of the stars en route. Watch out for the bad folks! To get rid of them, follow the instructions. Cornering is bad for our magic ball. You can watch the movie after the game is over to increase the reward you receive. Good luck!

Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball

Use up arrow key to jump ball

Use the down arrow key to stop the bounce ball in front of dangerous impediments.

Get enough required number of yellow stars while rolling ball

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