Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Take a ride on Roller Coaster, our most recent addition to the 3D game family! Do you like speed? It simply can not wait! Your degree of enjoyment will rise if you make it a point to pick up extra riders as you make your way through the roller coaster. Can you get past all of the obstacles and still have fun with all of the wild loops? Explore a variety of stages, each boasting stunningly realistic backdrops for you to play against! Your objective is to guide a dangerous roller coaster train as rapidly and without incident as possible down the track. Have fun on your adventure! An rise in your levels of adrenaline that is guaranteed!

Use the following to move the train left and right to collect passengers and avoid obstacles.
- Arrow keys
- A and D keys
- Drag left and right with the mouse/finger


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